Monday, 30 May 2011

Kirsten at Cannes

Kirsten Dunst has always been a favourite of mine. Ever since Jumanji. And who can forget teen favourite, Bring it on, admit it we all know the lyrics-"who am I? Just guess.....", but I shall stop my self singing cheerleading chants with dodgy moves for accompaniment to talk about the leading lady that is Kirsten Dunst. My favourite Dunst film has to be Marie Antoinette, which may just be on my list of all time favourite films. There was something about the stylings of Coppala's film-be it the candy colours and grand decor of Versailles-but there is no doubt that Kirsten's freshness brought a likeable quality to Antoinette. Dunst, a child actress, seems to have been around for a long, long time, its hard to forget that she's still only 29. The prestigous Cannes film festival has recently honoured Dunst with the best actress award, and she certainly was a winner on the Red Carpet during the festival in France.....

Which brings me to wonder, what is your favourite Kirsten Dunst movie and look at Cannes??

It's hard for me to pick a look, she was stunning whether in dreamy, cream gowns or sunshine yellow. I also love the range in beauty looks, I am definitely picking up some tips here!!


Sunday, 29 May 2011

I'm yours

I can finally say its over!! Exam season, for me anyway, has ended. Theres been highs and inevitable lows, but I survived. And now I'm free, at least for two weeks before returning to school to start Year 13 and my A2 levels. Its scary to think its my last year of school, and it wont be long before I'm in Uni!! But  anyway, the most important thing is now exams are over I can focus on the Natwalk a little more, which is always great news. I just wish I had a better post lined up for you today, but I thought the important thing was that I actually do a post today-to prove the Natwalk is very much still alive!! I am hoping to have a GOOD post up for tomorrow. But a few things before I finish this post...

Having 3 exams on that day it was a little hard to post on the 18th May but it was infact The Natwalk's second birthday !! Happy Birthday to my baby!!

Also another anniversary was of prom, I can't believe how fast time as gone and how much things have changed since that special night.

Sorry for the briefness of this post but as Take That once sang, I am "back for good".


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Steps of the met

Firstly, I apologize. This blog is delayed. Monday night was when the stars shone and the annual Met Gala, so it was my greatest intentions to have a post up on Tuesday on the matter. Due to exam prep, school, revision and extra curriculars, its up today instead, I couldn't leave it out though-one of the most fabulous events of the year!!

This year was honoring the late, extraordinarily talented Alexander Mcqueen. So I was hoping to see a little more Mcqueen on the red carpet then there was. I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed by the fashion this year, but needless to say there were certainly some very chic looks on the red carpet. Blake Lively looked the bombshell as always in Chanel (on the arm of Karl Lagerfeld non the less). It's not my favourite look of Blake's but she does look stunning, and the detailing and Grecian draping of the dress is just magical. Another of my favourite looks was Mary-Kate Olsen wearing a long, striking Givenchy gown. I've never really been into the whole bohemian look but this Spring I seem to have acquired quite a taste for it a la Nicole Richie. I just love the contrast of the turquoise detailing around the neck and sleeves, tres bien!! And of course, Sarah Jessica Parker who opted to wear Mcqueen. I'd loved her paying honor to this truly great fashion icon. The dress was not something I'd wear but it suited her frame perfectly, although I would have worn the hair a little differently.

Who's was your favourite look of the night??


Sunday, 1 May 2011

The London challenge

This is such a random post but I just had to share these crazy pictures with you!! You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was in London for the weekend and showed you some great shots in the daytime. During the night me and my friends, on the Friday went to see a chilling ghost story The Lady in Black (which is now being made into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe) and on the Saturday night went to see the amazing, astonishing musical Billy Elliot which I can tell you was an experience!! Both were great, which brings me onto Sunday night. We took part in 'The London challenge' after a ride on the London eye. It basically involved running around London on a scavenger hunt while taking funny photos. I can't bring you them all, unfortunately our team photographer is currently away. But I can show you some funny pics that bring back great memories, and at least try to explain them.....

The crazy crew on the London eye!!

The bike acrobatics, not the most perfect formation but it'll do.

Trying to fit everyone one phonebox didn't work too well......

.....So splitting up into 3 is a bit more practical.

On the way back to the hotel, what a night.

I love these guys!! Just sorry I couldn't bring you all of the funniest pics-yet!!

Anyway, how are you enjoying the long weekend, at times when I'm not revising I'm making full most of the sunshine. Let me know what your up to.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate the great

It's that time the world has being waiting for, for oh so long. Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage. All eyes, of course are what on Kate Middleton wore. After months of speculation and tight-lipped secrets about the designer-would it be Sarah Burton?? Jasper Conran?? Alice Temperley?? The beautiful bride was revealed yesterday-a gorgeous lace creation that echoed Grace Kelly.

The Mcqueen gown was just stunning. Simple and classic, yet still still striking and bold. It's so romantic, dare I say it, the perfect wedding dress. Apparently Kate did her own make-up for the wedding, and didn't she just look beautiful. And also, her maid of honour, Philippa Middleton looked elegant and stunning. It's risky for a bridesmaid to wear a long white dress but she managed to pull it off and look great without overshadowing Kate.

Style and beauty is clearly something that runs in this family!!


I hope you all had a great day however you celebrated, let me know what you got up to!!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

California Dreaming

The words festival chic evoke so many outfits. Whether a nod to the sixties, or wellies and poncho a la Glastonbury, you always know its time to break the daisy dukes out (weather permitting of course), when the music festivals start. Here in the UK, non yet, but in the US?? Yeah, this weekend was the one and only Coachella festival. I think thats enough of an excuse to get my festival on....

Retro vibes were felt, with fashionistas taking in the California sun, with summer-influenced outfits to match. Nicole Richie worked her signature Bohemian look, adding, another signature of hers, sunglasses. Surprisingly another fan of the boho look was Miss Vanessa Hudgens, who has certainly graduated into a rising fashion star since her disney days, take note Miley. But whether it be Alexa, Kate, or Dita one thing was for sure-the heat and crowds are no excuse for not looking fabulous at all times. I just wished I looked this good after a weekend in a tent!!

Let me know what you think!!


Friday, 15 April 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

Yes I just quoted Rebecca Black, moving on quickly.....

Casual Friday was the operative word today. Making full use of a school break I rolled out of bed (sorry to all of those awaking early) at noon and basically all I have done today is sit in costa thinking about frivolous subjects such as cupcakes and cosmopolitans, and, albeit a not-so frivolous topic of university courses. My top choice, of course, is English Literature and so with a goal is sights its all ahead with the revision. Friday is, as it should be, a day off, so I managed to relax today before filling up over the weekend on the quadratic formula and Durkheim's theories. So, I present to you my outfit today, so long since an outfit post, I'm feeling a very good blogger this week however. As I said before its great to be back!!!!

I'm wearing playsuit, belt and bangle by Topshop, boots by River Island, tights by Primark and necklace by Avon.

Have a great weekend!!